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Limited Category Presence

means you are a limited Supplier in your category with an audience to Retail partners that are looking for growth opportunities. The best way to highlight how your product line is different, without concern for disrupting relationships or competing for time is The Lobby Bar Live. 

Our Elite Guest List

offers a refined and hand-selected choice in buyers and retail leaders who are eager to meet with the category exclusive producers, this means no badge hide and seek.

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are currently not feasible due to safety restrictions but we are working with our host resort to facilitate possible product showcasing in catered offerings; please inquire if this is of interest.

Let us help you

with the details; don’t forget to email us your

presentation deck if you’d like on-site prints for

pre-scheduled Power Circle Meetings.

Public Speaker

Our Power Session

is the Master Class your business needs to hear. Get radical insights from a true disrupter that’ll challenge the scope you use when targeting your next growth move.

Power Circle

gives you a set time, 1:1 rotations, with our Retail partners to discuss business before hitting the slopes, teeing up, or getting some sun with cabana-side tacos. Make the most of the captive audience and network by utilizing the venue and surrounding area to create real connections.

Limited Producer Representation

means our Retail attendees only meet the most influential leaders from your team.  This eliminates the travel expenses of an entire team at a traditional show while expanding the depth and reach of buyers you'd typically experience on a tradeshow floor, espcecially at this investment level.

No Expo Floor - No Exhibit Expense

means no setup or costly booth shipping, your chosen representatives will be building relationships not a booth! Allowing meaningful time and exposure to potential buyers with real face time, activities to foster conversations and laughter, and of course, cocktails. 

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Corporate Events
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