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Our passion for this industry and over a decade of experience creating and participating in several successful Produce events, trade shows, and meetings brings you The Lobby Bar Live micro-events in our Fresh Produce Series.

You'll recognize our work when you think back at many regional and national shows. Our expertise in events brought us to recreating what an event in Produce should be. While big shows still offer value, our micro-event brings you intimate networking building valuable relationships for life.

Jessie Gunn Lobby Bar Live

There should be no one lost in the crowd, relegated to the back of the hall, hoping for foot traffic. 

We just know that the best business grows from a finite guest list, that business intimacy leads to authentic friendships and collaborations, partners that surpass transactional exchanges.

dōHi has found a way to cut away the clutter,

reduce the noise, to allow room for focus on

what matters most,

 creating sustainable, effective, and experiential spaces for great business relationships to develop and grow.

Winning for producers.

Winning for buyers.

Through real and authentic connections.

Co-Founder & Creative Director

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Turning Vision into a Reality

We’ve produced national and regional events, shows, and conferences,  hosted private events, tours, and parties both directly for Suppliers and also for Retail Associations. Produce is a small world made up of big personalities with lasting memories.

Now we’re extracting the best and distilling it down to a perfect blend of the right people, the best organizations, and even better memories.


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Sales Support

Elliott Megowan, Sales Support