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Consumer Trends, Catagory Growth, and Cost Savings


The challenges Retailers face in the rapidly paced world of attracting new loyal customers are made easier with the right supply partners. The Lobby Bar experience isn’t just a luxury getaway; it’s designed to be a comfortable way to learn about your business while deep-diving into relationship-based partnerships with the industry’s most innovative suppliers. Each micro-event is curated for the Retail needs most pressing, most relevant to your region, and most important to your bottom line. 

Public Speaker

Power Brunch


is the power discussion your business needs to hear. Get radical insights from a true disrupter that’ll challenge the scope you use when targeting your next growth move. 

Power Circle

gives you a set time, 1:1 rotations, with our Supplier partners to discuss business before hitting the slopes, teeing up, or get some sun with cabana-side tacos. Make the most of the dedicated time and Network utilizing the venue and surrounding area to create real connections.

No expo floor


means no longer flipping your badge or engaging in conversations that don’t grow your sales opportunities. At the Lobby Bar, you network on your terms and enjoy the spectacular setting and all that it has to offer with the vendors that you deem most essential for growth.

Business People at a Lobby

Top-of-category suppliers 


mean you get to learn about one category one time and not deal with repeated pitches or concerning yourself with competing vendors. It may be a long-standing partner or a new and innovative growth opportunity, we believe in the no-pressure approach. 

Refreshing Drinks

Sample or Request samples


based on your reset schedule, set future meetings and best of all… Live, no webcams required. 

Our team


ensures Retailer goals and values are met by aligning each micro-event with the most relevant suppliers to your business based on direct feedback, seasonality, trending categories.  

Corporate Events
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