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business intimacy perfected 



Our passion for events and over a decade of experience creating and participating in successful events, trade shows, and meetings brings you The Lobby Bar, a micro event experience.


Through a unique and bespoke event concept, we connect fresh food suppliers with innovative Retailers in a no-pressure, limited-invite, exclusive environment.


Lobby Bar is focused on 1:1 meetings and low-stakes networking activities that build relationships whcih transcend transactions.

Bar Seating


Everyone stays together in a five star resort with foodie-grade,  enviable eats, luxe networking activities, and evening cocktails at the Lobby Bar!


These industry movers will discover new products, and suppliers will learn precisely what potential Retail partners need to increase sales. Together you’ll learn industry shaking trends you never saw coming, inspiring future game-changers.



The connections you invest in will grow the world of produce and your business. 

All Lobby Bar Live events are committed to supporting existing social impact endeavors within our industry.

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